Why Ghost of the past affects the Bucs Future

Well, the answer to the headline is simple the bucs are trying to get back to what they were in order to succeed in the

Future . The only thing now is that we got stability at the QB position . When the Raheem Morris regime first started

Tampa personnel talked about getting back to BucBall . Obviously they took a different approach installing that outdated

defense with Jim Bates which made them draft players in 09 for that style defense . Now that we are back to Tampa2 the

Bucs are going to draft for the Tampa2 style defense . Going forward the Bucs are going to be looking for the Siemon Rice

type pass rusher someone who going to the sam impact Warren Sapp had down in the trenches and locker room .

When u think about it Bucs history is not that rich like Steelers or the Packers  ,Cowboys  , Raiders,or even the Giants

Redskins and Eagles . What we do got is a solid core look at How many head coaches has come from Dungy staff. 

about how  many Hall of Fame players we had in the  2000 Decade . Now we should break old habits try and do

something heck Tampa brought along the Bert Emanuel rule.They change the rules so DBs could not play wideouts

so close and make the game more fun, u know why ,when the Greatest show on turf was the greatest ,Tampa was

the team to exploit Mike Martz on defense in week 15 of the 2000 season on of the greatest Monday Night Football

games ever was Played Bucs and Rams with the Bucs coming out on top just how the Bucs did the year before in the

playoffs  but that game was the blue print to stop that offense ask Bill Belichick what he was doing to the 2001 Rams

in the Superbowl . When other NFL fans think about the Bucs they don't too much think about Leroy Selmon , Marcus

Jones or even Jeff Garcia , even though they might be respectable players the 2002 core is what people will never

forget, thats why the 2010 Bucs today are trying to get back to that Good ole BucBall . Look at a lot of approaches

teams take today it's the same thing they saw us do just to get respect in this league let an alone win a Superbowl. One

thing u hear Nfl experts say is that this league is a copy cat one why not copy something the Bucs created its that

simple . I am a die hard Buc fan that will never forget the glory days cause it was not to long ago the Bucs were in them glory days I remember seeing Warrick Dunn ball up in the endzone against a ferocious Dolphins D ( back then coached by Jim Bates ) and fight his way out I remember watching the A-train run in a pile he created backpedal out the pile and  run a long touch down against the Lions and will never forget Ronde Barber picking  off Donovan McNabb and getting Tampa over the hump against  philly in the playoffs . If u see where im coming from then in the offseason stay tune my blogs will tell u what direction Tampa is going in .

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