Niko521Bucs' 2009 NFL Predictions! Are yours better?

TEAM                          REC              Explanation:


AFC East

New England               13-3            That 11-5 missing the playoffs stewed the Pats.

Miami                          10-6            Not quite as magical, but they are a winner.

Buffalo                         9-7            10 year playoff drought is in jeopardy.

NY Jets                        5-11           There is just no quality QB here, yet.

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AFC North

Pittsburgh                  11-5             Repeat, and Steelers become NFL’s Yankees.

Baltimore                   10-6            See Miami, Slight Drop off from ’08.

Cleveland                    7-9              Just an average team on the Lake.

Cincinnati                  4-12             Defense cant stop teams, Offense Slips.

AFC South

Tennessee                11-5               The loss of Haynesworth hurts a little.

Houston                    10-6              Every year’s hot pick for playoffs. This year?

Jacksonville               9-7                O-Line help may not be enough.

Indianapolis               8-8                It’s the end of an era.

AFC West

San Diego               10-6               LT has one more year left in him.

Kansas City             9-7                 Franchise made all the right moves.

Oakland                   7-9                 Tom Cable has Raiders playing for him.

Denver                     5-11             How to ruin playoff team. Fire your star QB.

NFC East

Philadelphia           10-6           Reid and McNabb are common factors in great seasons.

NY Giants               9-7             Lose your D coordinator, & 2 WR, expect doubters.

Dallas                     8-8              PacMan & TO yesterday, Wade Tomorrow.

Washington            7-9              Monopoly money doesn’t buy you a football team Dan.

NFC North

Chicago                  9-7              Cutler will MAKE Wide Receivers in Chicago.

Minnesota               9-7             Sage Rosenfells is not as bad as we think.

Green  Bay             6-10            It’s more the switch to  the 3 -4 that bothers me.

Detroit                    4-12             It’s a 400% improvement for 2009. Double with Luck.

NFC South

New Orleans         10-6             Needed a defense, They got a Coordinator.

Carolina                10-6            Fox is div. Senior Coach, but team goes as Delhome goes.

Tampa Bay            9-7               If we are 1-4 or worse after week 5, this is 6-10.

Atlanta                   8-8              No back-to-back winning seasons ever in ATL.

NFC West

San Francisco      9-7               You just know this team will play for Singletary.

Arizona                8-8             Hard to duplicate a SuperBowl season.

Seattle                 7-9              They’re healthier, but rebuilding now.

St. Louis Rams     5-11              Bulger and Jackson cant do it alone.

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