Crazy 2009 and It Hasn't Even Started

Raheem Morris has made history..

2009 will be forever remembered as the year we Buc fans look back on and ask ourselves, "What the *explicitive*?" It truly has been a crazy offseason and I'm getting tired of football drama 10 days before season kickoff. We are riding on a Busch Gardens rollercoaster where every light is shut off.

Now that 2009 is over just starting, I want to reminisce on what has become our least favorite time of year.


1. GruAllen gets booted weeks after every other team boots his head coach. Whether or not you agree with the decision, the timing was very poor. Nearly all of the expected head coaches had already started discussions with other teams.

2. Raheem Morris becomes the youngest NFL coach and has the shortest reign of Defensive Coordinator experience in the history of the league.. none. This talented young man went from position coach to head coach within a frame of a month or two.. Now that is ambition :)

3. McCown who is expected to fly the coop and become a backup for another team gets resigned with a deal that pays him starter money..

which leads too..

4. Our failed trade for Jay Cutler which was instrumental in him being traded to Chicago... Chicago should thank us for that one.

which leads too.

5. Our signing of Byron Leftwich with the expectation of him competing for the starter position. Sorry McCown but this is when you are relegated to a highly paid back up.

which leads too.

6. Us trading up in the draft to pick the coveted.. Josh Freeman!! A QB with a strong arm, good mobility and ties to Raheem Morris. He was expected to go in the 2nd round but luckily the Bucs were able to trade up in the first to steal his services from anyone who was eyeing him in the second.

Back to 4 QBs.. Do I hear Gruden whispering into Morris' ear? More on this later..

7. We resign Michael Clayton to a lucrative deal and shower him as a team leader for his tremendous talent.

.. We also lose sight and just put the franchise tag on Antonio Bryant. Too much other stuff to deal with.

8. We restructure Winslow's deal so that he gets paid considerably more.. Oh yeh, I forgot to mention that we traded for TE Winslow right after resigning Jeramy Stevens.

9. Back to Winslow restructured deal.. This was given at the same time proven leader and future centerpiece of the defense is due for a new long term deal. He doesn't get it.

So now the centerpiece of our offense (Bryant) and defense (Ruud) are only guaranteed here for 1 year.

10. Speaking of Bryant, Did you know that we brought in a kicker by the name of Nugent to basically replace Matt Bryant? Yes, the same Matt Bryant who kicked the 62 yard field goal for us several years ago. The same Matt Bryant who won a game for us days after the death of his daughter. The same Matt Bryant who has been one of the single most consistent kickers in the NFL since he joined the team to replace a strong-legged kicker with poor accuracy.

11. Somewhere in this mess, we find out that Raheem and Dominik decided to do some spring cleaning with players. They got rid of old worn down veterans and cleared house. Rusted out players with Cobwebs all over them like Joey Galloway, Warrick Dunn, Derrick Brooks, Cato June, and Ike Hilliard were thrown into black trash bags and put on the side of the road for others to pick up.

... Man this is getting long...

Fast forward to the preseason and don't take a cab.. just ask Aqib Talib about the perils of Taxi cab drivers.

If you need a break, talk to Tanard Jackson. I've heard he makes the best cookies. They make you feel real good and leave you wanting more.

12. Back to QB's. After the game in Jacksonville, we expected the QB competition to be over. Leftwich or McCown would be deemed the start. Morris thinks otherwise and extends it to after the Miami game.

Every QB stinks it up in the Miami game.. which leads too

13. The naming of Leftwich as the starter and therefore turning the QB competition into a highly debated QB controversy. I think it should be Leftwich.. no I think it should be McCown.. no I think it should be Freeman.

Wasn't the competition supposed to let the best man rise to the occasion and put everyone else to sleep? Instead, we get the first major ramblings that Raheem has made a poor decision.


and finally.. with only 10 days left before the regular season starts. Morris pulls a rubber chicken out of his pocket and fires his highly touted offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodsomething or another. Why? Was it authority issues? Did Jagz question Leftwich's ability? Was it racially motivated? Did Jagz hit on Raheem's sister? Did Jagz hit on Raheem?

Nope.. he doesn't call plays or game plans. In other words, he is a lazy turd who has gotten someone else to do his work for him. The really clever part though is that this has all been documented. In every location, Jagz has acted the same as the previous.


And so I say, Dallas you better watch out. You have no idea what your about to be hit with. You just don't know what is up our sleeve. We have so many surprises and twists that we might even put Raheem in a QB uniform and throw him in midgame.

You going to game plan for the Bucs? Nice try, we have a secret strategy. Fire everyone and hire a completely new team after every game. Always expect the unexpected thats my motto

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