Offense Overview

All of the "experts" are anticipate a 3-11 season for the Buccaneers. The new coaching staff, the new zone blocking scheme, new defense, holes in the defense, and question marks at receiver have been the reasons of a poor season.

To start with the coaching staff, I believe that the hiring of Raheem Morris and company was an excellent call. The NFL experience of the staff alone is enough for first year head coach to rely on and be successful in the future. I love Coach Morris' interviews, he actually tells you something and doesn't talk to the media like they are watching football for the first time.  If he is withdrawn on giving information, he will explain why he is not discussing the issue. Much better than the Gruden high and mighty, I'm smarter than you, and the no comment explanations.

The Quarterback decision to go with Byron Leftwitch wasn't the pick I had in mind but neither was the idea to draft Freeman in the first round. I have always believed that a first round draft pick should and always be a starter the first year. If not, then the pick was a waist. They could have had Leftwitch as the starter and waited next year to use a first round pick on a quarterback. Percy Harvin would have given us an above value slot receiver and a Kick Return threat with Smith. C minus for the quarterbacks (no excitement for the position this year and McCown needs to be traded to have a chance to earn a spot elsewhere)

The Runningback Trio of Ward, Graham, and Williams is the strongest trio group in the NFL. First off, congratulations to Cadillac on his healthy return, I can pull my jersey back out of the closet and shake off the dust. Even though the pick of any three in fantasy football would be a bad idea because of lack of carries for each. The group as a whole could easily achieve 150-200 yards per game. No 1000 yd year for any or maybe a 1000 yd each....has that ever been done? A+ for the backs ( with Askew at fullback, one of three will bust a 50+ yd run in each game)

The Wide Receivers are the question mark of the offense, with Bryant and Clayton coming back from injuries. Stroughter was a pleasant surprise and should be the slot receiver. Stovall should be used to back Bryant and Clayton up if injuries occur. Winslow was blamed for some of the bad throw that Leftwitch threw for running wrong routes. I thought it was the receivers job to get separation and if the quarterback was good enough, he could adjust to the player and not throw where the playbook tells you to. C minus for the receivers (just because Leftwitch is not going to hit open receivers and timing hasn't been established since Bryan and Clayton have been out)


The Offensive line is a young group with a new scheme and Sears is still holding out. You could see that Morris is not happy with the Sears situation and I feel you need to cut your loses. Sears is a lose cause and get some value. The Offensive line will improve every game throughout the year but will it be in time to win some games. B for the OL(improvements to come as they learn the scheme and a great backfield will make their job easier)


We will score points this year, but will it be touchdowns or just field goals. That could be the difference between a 3-13 season and a 8-8 season. The success of the offense will be all up to Leftwitch, he has the line, the backs, and the receivers.

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