Why does Florio do this to me? He says Jay Cutler may STILL be on the trading block.

Jay Cutler believes he's still on the block

Saturday, February 28, 2009 Posted By Mike Florio 9:14 PM Despite an effort by the team to explain that it wasn't and isn't trying to trade him, quarterback Jay Cutler considers himself on the block.

"My understanding at this point is they're trying to trade me," Cutler told Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  "We'll see where I end up at.  I liked it here, I liked playing with these guys but obviously they're not going to let me have that opportunity."

Past tense.  I liked it here.

And there's more. 

"I'm upset," Cutler said.  "I mean I'm really shocked at this point.  I could see why they want [Matt] Cassel.  I don't know if they think I can't run the system or I don't have the skills for it.  I just don't get it.  Or if they don't think they can sign me with my next contract.  I just don't know what it is.  I've heard I'm still on the trading block."

Coach Josh McDaniels questions the accuracy of Cutler's sources. 

"We don't want to trade Jay," McDaniels told Klis.  "We never did.  He's our quarterback.  We're excited about this season.  And excited about what we're doing here in free agency to improve our team."

But, really, what else could McDaniels say?  If they can't trade Cutler, they need to move forward.

And Cutler seems to be willing to give it a try.

"Anything can be mended," he said.  "I'll always play with the guys we've got.  I love playing for those guys.  Obviously, Josh and I's relationship has taken a few steps backward.  I don't play for the coaches anyway, I play for teammates.  As long as we keep the guys we've got I'll go out there and play.  I love those guys."

And Cutler offered a warning regarding the potential reaction of his teammates to a trade.

"I know they love playing for me and I love playing for them," Cutler said.  "There's going to be a lot of problems if they try to trade me.  Well, they've already tried to trade me, but if they trade me for sure."

My Oh My. It looks like the damage has been done in Denver. I am salivating over this potential move. Problem is, now that Cassel is gone, Denver would be hard pressed to get a serviceable QB that has potential even remotely close to Cutler. Which is why I don't see this deal happening....ever.

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