Open Disgust with so called Bucs fans

This FanPost is just that, a fan post, because it comes from Nick Houllis the Bucs fan, not Niko who runs Bucem.

I Like Raheem Morris.

But I am NOT a Raheem Morris Fan.

Im a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

Should the Bucs fire Morris and hire Bill Cowher, I will support that move, and patiently wait for the team to return to its winning ways, as I feel that will really set back the program for quite some time. I think the best course of action is to continue what is going on. Even if we didnt win these last few games, nothing has changed. The Bucs lacked talent, and need to restock this team with talent, and coach them with good coaches.

Raheem Morris is a very good coach. He may have been overwhelmed with his first year as a HC, that is to be expected. But he is a leader. He is not afraid to admit his mistakes. When it would have been a lot easier to just leave OC Jags in place, or  Jim  Bates, he took initiative. 

He learned under Monte Kiffin and Mike Tomlin, and Raheem Morris was an excellent coach of the secondary, few people will argue that. So then its common sense that he will be a great head coach too. Its obvious he is an excellent Defensive Coordinator too. 

But some people cannot get over the mistakes made by the Bucs, as if we are not human and cannot make mistakes. That is how we grow, by learning. 

I challenge everyone to re-evaluate your position as Bucs fans, and try to figure out if instead you are just following an agenda. Its tough to admit one is wrong. Morris has done it. 

Can you?

Can you admit maybe you were wrong? That the evidence is now pointing to the fact that this coaching staff is getting results?

Or are you going to make excuses?

You cant have the cake and eat it too. You cant ridicule the Bucs for losing to teams with their backup QBs, but then make excuses when they win.

" The Seahawks suck" ...well ok, yes they do. But you just said we were a disgrace for not being able to beat teams that    suck. Now we did, but its not good enough? Even though the act itself is proven to be so rare ( A win on the west coast).

Then what happens this week? Do you look beyond the obvious, that the Bucs BEAT the best team in the NFC? Or do you make excuses because Jeremy Shocky didnt play? 

Do you try to spin a story, such as the Saints quit? If the Saints make the FG we lose? as if we did not miss enough game winning FGs this year? But you gave no credit then?

I do not judge people, and I do not judge Bucs fans. Your free to follow your team the way you see fit. Some people actually feel they know more than the Pros who do what they do. But if you are cheering the Bucs today, you are a real fan.

If your unhappy because of the win, then you are a fan of an agenda, not the Bucs. Because a real Bucs fan wants the Bucs to win first and Foremost. I can even understand being a little upset over losing the high pick.

But a win with these  young guys is still just that, a WIN. and we are STILL going to add 3 high draft picks.

Are you going to criticize those picks when they are taken because they were taken by a coaching staff that you cannot admit is a good one because you are stuck rooting against them because you cannot do what Raheem Morris does, and admit you are wrong?        

Bottom line, Bucs fans are happy today.

Bucs fans are enjoying the day, and looking fwd to the future.

If your not happy today, well, you may want to check out why.                                   

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