BUCSHOTS! Midweek edition- Power(less) Rankings, Clayton rantings, and T-Jack sightings!

PowerRankings meter still has the Bucs at the near bottom, and despite playing a more competitive game, continue to sink in the minds of the NFLs writers.

CBS Pete Prisco - #27 - Bucs can forget about the playoffs. Really Pete? Thanks, I was starting to print tickets.

Fox's Adrian Hasenmayer- #31- The only feel good story is Cadillac Williams. Yo Adrian, we feel good kickin Nugent to the curb!

ESPN-  #31-  Only the Chief's are converting third downs less frequently.

SI- Don Banks- #31- Leftwich sits and Josh Johnson gets his turn. Raheem says we're married to Josh Freeman.                                                     Sounds like Jon Gruden era never really ended!


Buccaneers.com has a great interview and awesome clips of Gene Deckerhoff, voice of the Bucs Radio! MUST CHECK THIS OUT Buc fans!

Excellent Gene Deckerhoff piece

More BucShots after the jump!

Paul Stewart of Bucpower.com remembers other 0-4 starts by the Buccaneers. 8 in all including two others this decade.

Paul Stewart's editorial on other 0-4 Bucs teams.


Bucs Center Jeff Faine is not quite ready to return just yet reports St. Pete Times'  Stephen Holder.

Jeff Faine not ready to return


Michael Clayton wants to be more involved in the offense. Seems to me if you catch the ball, that involves you. I'll let you guys touch on this one in the comments.....

Clayton asks for more involvement


Associated Press reports Donovan McNabb is ready to start vs Bucs. Vegas is trying to set the odds on if it matters.

PennLive's AP report on McNabb


Pewter Reports Charlie Campbell and  Jim Flynn discuss Tanard Jackson's return to the Bucs after a 4 game suspension.

PR's article on Tanard Jackson returning


And Finally, where do the Bucs rank vs the rest of the NFL in general stats? 

Bucs Offense #27

Bucs Defense #31

Last time both units were down at the bottom together?

1995, the year before Dungy took over, with rookies Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks starting along with Brad Culperpper, John Lynch, and Hardy Nickerson. #27 on Offense and #27 on Defense, out of 30 teams. Rusty Tillman was the defensive coordinator.   

          Bucshots_medium More Bucshots Saturday!!

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