Free Agent Wide Receivers

Knowing that our recent draft picks at wide receiver have been piss poor (Clayton, DJax, Stovall), I'm looking at the 2009 Free Agent pool for who the Bucs need to pick up in the offseason. JScott's post on Michael Clayton got me motivated to comment on's list of top RFA and UFA WRs.


Pos Pos
Rating Name Type Yr Ht/Wt College 2008 Team Signed Team
WR NR T.J. Houshmandzadeh UFA 8 6-1/199 Oregon State Cincinnati
WR NR Amani Toomer UFA 13 6-3/202 Michigan NY Giants
WR NR Bryant Johnson UFA 6 6-3/211 Penn State San Francisco
WR NR Bobby Engram UFA 13 5-10/188 Penn State Seattle
WR NR Antonio Bryant UFA 6 6-1/205 Pittsburgh Tampa Bay
WR NR Ashley Lelie UFA 7 6-3/195 Hawaii Oakland
WR NR Darrell Jackson UFA 9 5-11/210 Florida Denver
WR NR Justin McCareins UFA 8 6-2/215 Northern Illinois Tennessee
WR NR Drew Carter UFA 5 6-3/200 Ohio State Oakland
WR NR Brandon Lloyd UFA 6 6-0/200 Illinois Chicago
WR NR Hank Baskett RFA 3 6-3/224 New Mexico Philadelphia
WR NR Demetrius Williams RFA 3 6-2/198 Oregon Baltimore
WR NR Brandon Jones UFA 4 6-1/212 Oklahoma Tennessee
WR NR Nate Washington UFA 4 6-1/185 Tiffin Pittsburgh
WR NR Devery Henderson UFA 5 5-11/200 LSU New Orleans
WR NR Shaun McDonald UFA 6 5-10/183 Arizona State Detroit
WR NR Jabar Gaffney UFA 7 6-1/192 Florida New England
WR NR Lance Moore RFA 3 5-9/177 Toledo New Orleans
WR NR Robert Ferguson UFA 8 6-0/210 Texas A&M Minnesota
WR NR Sam Hurd RFA 3 6-2/195 Northern Illinois Dallas
WR NR Miles Austin RFA 3 6-3/215 Monmouth (NJ) Dallas
WR NR Dane Looker UFA 8 6-1/193 Washington St. Louis
WR NR Dante Hall UFA 9 5-8/187 Texas A&M St. Louis
WR NR Malcom Floyd RFA 3 6-4.5/215 Wyoming San Diego
WR NR David Anderson UFA 3 5-10/194 Colorado State Houston
WR NR Tab Perry UFA 3 6-3/215 UCLA Miami
WR NR Jeff Webb RFA 3 6-2/200 San Diego State Kansas City

We can start by noticing that Michael Clayton is not on this list. Cowboys 4th and 5th string WRs (Sam Hurd and Miles Austin) made the list, further clarifying my viewpoint that Clayton has outstayed his welcome in Tampa.

One obvious UFA that I expect to be signed any day now is Antonio Bryant. Great talent and has proven that he wants to be a Buccaneer. I know the Bucs have the money get Housh, but I just don't see it happening. Bryant and Housh would make an excellent pass game for any QB, young or old.

Out of the remaining 3 stars on the list, I think we should pass. Their price tags will not equal their abilities and we got plenty of those on our sideline already.

Out of the 2 star fellows, there are plenty of names that peak my interest. Nate Washington, Devery Henderson, Lance Moore, Miles Austin. Any of these guys could play a #2/#3 receiver role and would add a great deal to our receiving group. Also,

  • Lance Moore - 79 rec, 928 yds, 10 TDs - Stats speak for themselves. #1 in yards on best offense in league. Could compete with Bryant for #1 spot.
  • Devery Henderson - 32 rec, 793 yds, 3 TDs - Beat out Colston in yards with 15 less receptions.
  • Nate Washington - 40 rec, 631 yds, 3 TDs - Great hands, still made over 600 yds with Hines Ward and Santanio Holmes running routes next to him. Price might get high with a Super Bowl ring.
  • Miles Austin - 13 rec, 278 yds, 3 TDs - Made it count when he could get Romo to actually throw him the ball...cough...TO...Witten...Roy throat is getting dry.

Let me know who you think should be a WR on the Bucs depth chart in 2009.

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