Buccaneers WR Joey Galloway to miss the rest of the (pre) Season?

Training Camp Update:

FB B.J. Askew (ankle) is back at practice, as is WR Joey Galloway (groin). That sound you hear is the entire Bucs Fan Base taking a collective sigh of relief. Don’t get to excited/confident; as Galloway, Haye, Troupe, Darby, and Cadillac Williams (knee) were sharing a field opposite the rest of the team just working out in shorts and helmets. - Tampa Tribune

The St. Pete Times reports a more grim scenario for WR Joey Galloway that involves the WR missing the entire Pre-Season, consider Head Coach Jon Gruden concerned, but not overly worried:

"Yes, I'm concerned," Gruden said. "If you're the head coach and you're [top] receiver hasn't practiced yet, yes, you're concerned. But we're also looking at it optimistically because we proved the other night that we have some young guys who are capable of playing and we're thrilled with that. He hasn't exactly been the go-to receiver in the preseason around here," Gruden said of Galloway. "We rested him last year and I'm still resting him."

Um, did you guys see the young capable Receivers Gruden speaks of? Because I haven’t. I saw a 2nd Round pick have one reception on one offensive attempt. I also saw a veteran drop a ball in his bread basket. I also saw several Receivers fade into the background (Paris, Spurlock, Bryant)… I hope the receiver fairy can heal Galloway because if we don’t have him, we’re looking at 16 games of the Wild Card Playoff match-up with the Giants.. It’s that simple, without Garcia and Galloway, this offense goes NO WHERE.

In other news:

WR Brian Clark and LB Ryan Nece got into a scuffle on the practice field. Clark thought Nece had cheap shot him in the back, and Nece took exception to that accusation. The real story occurred while Clark was explaining (to reporters?) the incident, LB Cato June interrupted him and explained that he (Clark) can expect to get a couple more hits in the back, as that’s how the defense plays. If I were Clark; I would talk to Michael Clayton about protecting oneself and of course dishing hits to the defense... - Tampa Tribune

Finally in drills, the defense dominated. Bucs QBs threw several interceptions on the day, which prompted Gruden to summarize, "We’re still not good enough.’’ No word on which (several) QB’s threw interceptions or as to who caught the interceptions. - Tampa Tribune

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