Tampa Bay Buccaneers OTA Nuggets, News, and Rumors

Former USF WR Amarri Jackson knows special teams is where he can at least catch on with the Bucs, he's also nervous around the veterans

That's something you don't hear a whole lot of, professional athletes being nervous amongst their peers. I guess that happens when a player like Derrick Brooks is telling you how to approach the weight room... If a couple receivers don't shine early on, Jackson might have a better shot to bypass special teams than he realizes

Earnest Graham continues to miss Voluntary Workout after Voluntary workout. He's supposedly holding out for more money..

Valrico Rick from the Bucs Beat comments section nails Graham's situation on the head. He compares Earnest to Errict Rhett of Bucs lore.. Rhett had even more success than Graham in one season (amassing over 1200 yards), his agent advised him to hold out for more money, in stepped Rookie RB Warrick Dunn and thats all she wrote... Like Rick points out, guess who's back in a Bucs uni?? exactly

Amarri Jackson isnt the only Rookie enamored with Derrick Brooks, count 1st Round Draft Pick, Aqib Talib, as another player who's in awe of the veteran linebacker

Talib's first OTA as a Buc may have been shortened by lightning, but he still got one heck of a jolt out of the day: "It’s sunk in now," Talib said. "My locker is right next to Derrick Brooks’, so I’m here now. I’m a Tampa Bay Buccaneer now" - Buccaneers.com

One thing I've taken away from this crop of Rookies is their confidence level coming right in. I mean, Talib is wearing #25 for crying out loud and i love it... Oh and he plans to know the play book by mini camp, fine by me

Apparently Miami Dolphins DE Jason Taylor will be MIA for the Dolphins Training Camp come July, yet rekindling the trade winds once again...

There's no question the "Dancing with the Stars" performer would immediately upgrade our defensive line. It doesnt look like he will cost an arm and a leg either. Maybe the Bucs can flip Chris Simms (oh i hate saying that) and a draft pick for the 2006 NFL Player of the Year. Taylor was recently quoted as being in 5 times as good of shape as he was back in '06, he's also expressed his interest in becoming an actor sooner rather than later. With Garcia on board, it wouldnt hurt to take a two year flyer on Jason, would it?

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